Buying Smart: Style Pieces Worth the Splurge

Realistically, most of us can’t buy designer everything, especially when there are essentials and bills to pay for. That being said, I still think there are some style pieces that are truly worth investing in. There are so many great budget friendly pieces out there and it’s super exciting when you find the perfect makeup dupe for less than half the cost. But from my experience some things are honestly worth the splurge when they will last for years to come.

So here are the five pieces I think are worth the investment:

A Watch

Sure there are some trendy or super cute watches you can buy for super cheap but will it last a year of your busy, hectic life? In the long run, it is more cost effective to buy a good quality watch with a timeless look and replacing the battery if need be than buying a new watch every couple of years.



I’ve learned the hard way that cheaper shoes are fantastic for your wallet but horrible for the feet! No matter the price, breaking in shoes is a nightmare but once you’ve broken in your favourite new pair of shoes, better quality shoes will be more comfortable and will last more than a season when well taken care of!


Sunglasses are another item that it is worth spending money. Buying a really cheap pair every summer can be convenient but cheaper quality glasses are more susceptible to scratching and breakage.  Another plus side of buying quality sunglasses is that they do have better UV protection so your eyes will actually be protected from the sun’s strong rays.


A Coat

When living in a city that experiences cold weather for half the year, a well made coat or jacket is a must for combatting cold winds and frostbite! While there is no need to spend close to 1000$ for a good jacket, it is worth spending some money on a coat that will make sure you don’t turn into a popsicle the minute you go outside.

A Handbag

When buying a classic shape or colour, investing in a good quality and well-crafted handbag is worth it because it will allow for versatility when accessorizing and will honestly never go out of style. Investing in a good quality handbag doesn’t mean spending more than you can afford but it does mean opting for quality.


Investment doesn’t mean solely buying high-end designer wear or spending your whole paycheck on a pair of sunglasses! There are some great quality brands out there with prices that won’t hurt the bank. But if you are someone who can’t help but want the finer things in life, there is a way to buy designer for less –end of season sales and outlets shops are great places for designer steals. But whatever your budget, buy what makes you feel your best!


The Power of the Purse

No outfit is complete without the perfect accessory – a bag. Whether it be clutch, tote, cross body or shoulder, a bag is what completes the outfit. When the colours of an outfit are neutral or monochromatic, a bag, whether in a pattern or a bold hue, acts as a perfect statement piece, while a neutral bag can act as an anchor for a colourful or vivacious outfit.

Bright bold hues, especially pinks, coral and cobalt blue, make the perfect statement piece, day or night, into the spring, or throughout the summer. Clutches in bright blue are perfect for pairing with a white dress or a floral romper, whether you’re attending Sunday brunch or a girl’s night out. Although my favourite colours for spring and summer are evidently blues and pinks, any bold colour, like orange or yellow, is perfect for livening up a neutral outfit or making a fashion statement on a smaller scale.


If you are someone who can appreciate bright colours but are not interested in making such a bold fashion statement, then neutral and more classic patterns are the perfect way to go! A neutral colour, like brown or tan, is the best way to finish a classy or chic outfit, especially when there is a cute detail, like a fringe tassel, a soft pattern, or a perforated design. Neutral or soft colour palettes, especially in brown or beige tones, are perfect for the autumn transition, when the leaves begin to change from bright green into ambers and reds.


 Purses, aside from being the perfect thing to carry all that a girl on the go needs, are an easy and fun way to finish off any outfit. No matter the colour, pattern or price point, you can find cute or classic bags that are both functional and fashionable to serve you well year-round.

You never need to brag when you have a nice bag.

Happy lugging xoxo.