Fashion Spotlight: m0851

Zip Around Wallet – WA 81

If you are looking for a brand that is stylish yet classic, unique yet practical, then look no further, because m0851 has got your back! m0851 is a fashion house that creates accessories and outerwear from various high quality raw materials like leather, cashmere, silk and wool. Since its conception in 1987 under the name Rugby North America in Montreal, m0851 has paired European style with local design concepts. Ninety percent of m0851’s collection is being made in their Montreal workshops, and they currently have 22 boutiques located around the world coupled with 35 international retailers selling their products.

Bell Shaped Cosmetic Pouch – PO 52; Mini Cosmetic Pouch – PO 01 in Arctic Ocean

m0851 has a wide variety of leather goods including bags, cosmetic pouches, wallets, travel accessories, key chains, cardholders, and document organizers. Their product selection doesn’t stop there. They also manufacture jackets, coats, and seasonal accessories like hats, gloves, scarves and even umbrellas. When you purchase any of their items, you know that you are buying something that is of quality and something you know you won’t see just anywhere!

Toiletry Bag – PO 10 in Black; Large Passport Holder with Pockets – CA 02 in Black

m0851 is a great brand not only because of its stylish and sleek designs that are easy to add to any wardrobe, but also because its customers are provided with well-crafted products that come from quality, ethically procured materials. I know first hand from the products that I myself own; the leather that makes up the purses and wallets wears beautifully overtime. Because their designs are not over the top or flashy, they are versatile but also very practical. Every piece is designed to be a functional part of a consumer’s life with the various sizes available for wallets and bags. Another reason that I love m0851 is the great selection of seasonal colours that range from bold to neutral.

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