Luxury Lips: Marc Jacobs Lipstick Review

When I first found out that Marc Jacobs had entered the world of beauty after decades in the fashion industry, I was very excited to say the least. I already own several Marc Jacobs accessories and one of my favourite fragrances, Honey. Though I have not tried an extensive amount of products from Marc Jacobs Beauty, I can say that the lipsticks I have tried are worth both the hype and money!

The lipstick range that I tried from Marc Jacobs Beauty is the Le Marc Lip Crème, which claims 10-hour wear and is described as “buttery, creamy and vibrant.” Though I’m not sure if it will actually last 10 hours after eating and drinking throughout the day, I do know that it is definitely creamy when applied to the lip and the colours are nothing close to dull. What I do really like and appreciate about the lipstick and the Marc Jacobs Beauty line as a whole is that the products are cruelty free – no animals were tested at all during the production process! So the lipstick comes in a sleek black case that gives a satisfying click when you close the cap. I have it in the colour Je T’Aime (surprisingly picked by my fashion-challenged boyfriend) which is described as a rum raspberry colour. It comes in at $38 CAD, so it is more on the high end of makeup pricing compared to other beauty brands.

I also have tried the limited edition Up All Night Five Piece Petites set, which was a Marc Jacobs Beauty holiday release in 2016. As the name suggests, the set comprises of 5 small sized lipsticks (0.05 oz each) with colours ranging from nudes, reds, purple and it comes in a hot pink faux patent leather case which makes it perfect for travelling or if you like super cute and fun packaging! Now, more about the colours: there are two nude shades one with an apricot undertone (No Angel) and the other with a rosier undertone (Slow Burn). There are also two red shades one being a brighter more strawberry red (Oh Miley!) and the other being a deep ruby red (Miss Scarlet). Lastly, the fifth shade comes in a deep plum (Scandal), which is the perfect statement lip.

Like I mentioned earlier, the 10-hour wear claim may be a stretch, as the darker or bolder colours need touch-ups and potentially a re-application as it does leave residue on glasses and coffee cups. Regardless of the need for touch-ups, the colour payoff is amazing and because of the creaminess of the lipstick formula, it doesn’t leave the lips feeling dry. Even though the price is more on the high end of beauty products, it is definitely worth it especially if you choose a colour that you really love and know that you will actually get great use out of it. If you are willing to invest in a knockout colour, then the Le Marc Lip Crème is a must buy!